Does the idea of supplementing your income, working from home, or running your own business appeal to you? What about spending more time with the family? Or the thought of working or vacationing wherever and whenever YOU want, etc... Of course, for most, all of this is just a dream if it involves putting out large sums of money that doesn't exist. But what if there was no financial investment required to buy and sell anything?  Over 6 billion dollars have been paid to families like yours over the past 30 years by means of a unique profit sharing system that you can be part of without cost. Imagine getting paid every time someone buys something they need and would have bought anyways. Over 96% of those who shopped last month will shop again this month. THAT is true residual income! There's nothing else in the world like it and we have the financial income statements to prove it.

Teaming up with the right company makes all the difference. Growing to a multi-billion-dollar enterprise, doing business in 18 countries, becoming the largest catalog and online retailer in North America, and one of the largest manufacturers of consumer packaged goods in the world without advertising is an incredible success story.

From the beginning, it was destined to be different. It was created to put people first before profit. It all starts with improving health using a full line of world-class wellness products, supplements, nutrients, functional foods, essential oils and breakthrough innovations that naturally and effectively reduce weight, increase nutrition, so people can live with vitality and purpose at every stage of life. Manufacturing non-toxic, home-cleaning products that are safer for the home and allow living without the hazards of harsh chemicals also promotes better health. Products that require less water to make, less fuel to ship, and less plastic to package are better for the environment in and out of the home. The best part? Being the manufacturer AND store saves the consumer money!

Feel free to send your resume or contact us and we will set up an interview and discuss the position further.

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